Welcome to the home of TLBBOLP. TLBBOLP is the second book published by TheLaxCoach and was released in 2009. TLBBOLP contains 152 pages of offensive information that will help coaches incorporate some offensive ideas into their game plans and daily coaching. This book was generated by breaking down hours and hours of game film to give fans of TheLaxCoach offensive ideas and strategies. The plays found in this book can be used straight up as diagramed or switched around to benefit the skills of your players. Ultimately the 59 plays found in this book can be modified to give you an arsenal of around 200 plays to bolster your team's offense. If you're ready to take your team to the next level, then this book should be a part of your coaching library!


TLBBOLP is broken up into 11 sections: How to Use This Book, The Top Ten List: For Developing and Teaching Offense, Crease Play, 1-3-2 Offense, 1-4-1 Offense, 2-2-2 Offense, 2-3-1 Offense, Extra Man Offense, Midfielder Invert Offense, Settled and Inbound Clears Offense.

The How to Use This Book section introduces you to the book itself, outlines how to develop an offense, talks about situations, extra man, clearing and how to incorporate a single play from the many plays in the book.

The Top Ten List: For Developing and Teaching Offense breaks down the 10 most important parts of teaching offense in the mind of the author. This section is very helpful and breaks down the many important parts of the offensive game to help coaches understand and teach the little things that will make your players more effective on the field.

The Crease Play section is an important part of this book and helps to define what it takes for your players to become great crease players not only on an individual basis but as a part of the two man game as well. It defines the difference between "picks" and "seals", teaches the correct procedures for movement on the crease, how to cut effectively, patience, shooting and the two man game. Your players will benefit greatly from the content found in this section.

All of the remaining sections contain the Plays that can be run out of the various formations found above. Each play is two pages in length or more, has multiple diagrams, instructions, tips, and is blown up in a larger diagram to make it easier to breakdown the Play and adjust it for your teams strengths.


TLBBOLP also contains full and half field diagrams that can be photocopied so that you can diagram the specific plays you want to teach your players, tweak them to benefit the strengths of your players, add notes and display the Plays in a manner your players will benefit the most from.


If you would like to see a sample play from TLBBOLP please click HERE. Each and every play in this book is set up just like this example. You can see there is at least two illustrations, objectives, set-up instructions, play instructions, coaching tips and an accompanying larger section of the play in an easy to follow larger diagram(s).

Please click HERE if you would like to see the Table of Contents.