Welcome to the home of what we will call TLBBOLD! TLBBOLD was first published in 2006. It is now on it's fourth print run and has sold over 3,500 copies worldwide. Why has TLBBOLD been so successful? Well the one word answer is "simplicity." It is set up for a newcomer to the sport yet has the content and instruction that coaches at every level can benefit from. TLBBOLD is composed of 100 illustrated lacrosse drills. Each of the 100 drills also has the following sections that accompany the illustration- Set-Up, Instructions, Coaching Tips and Variations. Each drill is set up like a lesson plan so it is beneficial for the newcomer who needs to know what to do, what to teach and how to teach it! It also allows the more experienced coach to incorporate new drills and ideas into their practice plan to keep their players focused and having fun!


TLBBOLD is broken up into 7 sections: Shooting, Passing, Ground Balls, Transition, Team Concepts, Offense and Defense. Each of these sections allows you to incorporate drills that cover every aspect of the game. As a coach we all know that teaching the fundamentals of the game is the most important thing you can do for your players. Wins and losses mean a lot when your playing college ball but as we all know the players that are winning in college had great coaches during their years in the lower levels.

Another nice feature of TLBBOLD is the Table of Contents. Each of the 100 drills in the book is listed in the table of contents and each drill has an alphabetical symbol indicating which skills/fundamentals are taught or practiced within that specific drill. For example, if you want to incorporate drills into your practice that feature shooting, passing and transition you can simply scan the table of contents for drills that incorporate those aspects of the game. This makes it easy for you to really make your practices functional and beneficial for your players. You will not find drills that allow half the kids to stand around, you will not find drills that do not involve constant repitition. The drills in this book will benefit players at every level!


TLBBOLD also contains a few extra features that often go unnoticed. In the back of this book you will find two useful tools that no coach is successful without. The first is a practice planner. No coach is successful without planning!

The other feature of this book is the sample Scouting Report. The scouting report gives you access to a report that you can fill out in an organized manner to help breakdown your future opponents' tendancies! Remember, a winning coach is one who is well prepared!


If you would like to see a sample drill from TLBBOLD please click HERE. Every drill in this book is set up like this example. In the sample you can see that there is at least one illustration, set-up instructions, drill instructions, coaching tips and variations.

Please click HERE if you would like to see the Table of Contents.